Sustainability is a fundamental pillar for the WOTELS Group

WOTELS Group recognizes that the preservation of the environment and the well-being of local communities are crucial to its long-term success. They prioritize environmental sustainability through responsible resource management practices, such as saving water, energy, recycling waste and reducing carbon emissions in all operations, as well as promoting the conservation of biodiversity in their surrounding areas.

Reusable bottles

We innovate by offering filtered water machines with reusable bottles, combating excessive plastic consumption. A sustainable commitment to a greener world.

reusable cups

We make a difference! We have reusable cups for all drinks and in all units, reducing plastic waste and promoting a more sustainable environment.

tote bags

We value sustainability and style. We provide personalized tote bags, combining practicality and environmental responsibility for our guests.

waste Reduction

We work to reduce waste, such as paper and plastic, by implementing efficient waste management and recycling practices and we promote the reduction of food waste.

solar panels

The solar panels on WOTELS properties illuminate not only rooms, but also the path to a more sustainable future, where renewable energy is the key to responsible and ecologically conscious hospitality.

seed cards

We encourage green growth. At trade fairs, we offer seed cards, promoting the planting of trees and flowers for a more beautiful and sustainable world.

sustainable initiatives

Our active participation in sustainable events extends beyond the four walls of our properties to the beautiful beaches that are part of our coastal neighbourhood.

sustainable events

We organise sustainable markets, promoting local and eco-friendly products. These events not only support the local economy, but also encourage conscious consumption practices.

Biosphere certificates

biosphere | wot peniche

Certificate number: BHR 018/2022 RTI

biosphere | wot peniche pinhalmar

Certificate number: BHO 345/2022 RTI

biosphere | wot ericeira

Certificate number: BHO 005/2023 RTI

biosphere | wot ericeira lodge

Certificate number: BAL 001/2023 RTI

biosphere | wot ericeira surf hostel

Certificate number: BHR 003/2023 RTI

biosphere | wot lisbon patio

Certificate number: BHR 018/2023 RTI

our sustainability policies

• Reduction in the use of paper by adopting new ways of working for this purpose;
• Filtered water machines with availability of reusable bottles to avoid excessive consumption of plastic;
• Reusable cups for all beverages consumed at our units;
• Timed faucets in some units to reduce waste;
• Recent electronic equipment with low consumption and greater energy efficiency;
• Lights with presence sensor and electronic equipment turned off after working hours or when there is no need to use them;
• Encouraging virtual meetings whenever possible and offering sustainable travel options;
• LED bulbs;
• Panels for heating water with solar energy;
• Flow reduction
• The recycling bins with the respective signage
• Indication and information on public transport routes to reach our units;
• Work developed with local communities;
• The use of local products and local suppliers (fruits and breakfast items);
• Replacement of disposable amenities and single-use plastic, with a permanent System;

... More to come!

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