Traveling with pets can be a challenge, but at WOTELS, we ensure that your furry friends are welcome in all our properties. We offer a variety of pet-friendly accommodations that provide comfort, safety, and hospitality for both you and your four-legged companions. Get ready to discover amazing destinations and cozy accommodations across the country!

Explore Our Pet-Friendly Properties:

WOT peniche - Hostel

Located in the charming coastal town of Peniche, WOT Peniche Hostel is the perfect base for surfers, adventurers, and nature lovers. Here, you can enjoy stunning beaches and cliffs while your pet has fun by your side. This hostel offers a relaxed and welcoming environment, ideal for a stay filled with outdoor activities.

WOT peniche pinhalmar - Hotel

Also in Peniche, WOT Peniche Pinhalmar is a hotel that combines comfort and convenience. Situated near popular tourist spots and the best beaches in the region, it's the perfect place to explore the town with your faithful companion. The rooms are spacious and well-equipped, ensuring a pleasant stay for all.

WOT ericeira surf hostel - Hostel

In the vibrant village of Ericeira, known for its incredible waves and laid-back atmosphere, WOT Ericeira Surf Hostel is the ideal retreat for surfers and travelers who want to bring their pets. Enjoy the best the coast has to offer, from stunning beaches to a lively nightlife, with your furry friend always by your side.

villa by WOT ericeira lodge

For those seeking a cozy and intimate environment, the Villa by WOT Ericeira Lodge is a perfect choice. This villa offers all the necessary amenities for a comfortable and relaxing stay. The location provides easy access to the beach and the center of Ericeira, offering a unique experience for you and your pet.

apartment by WOT ericeira lodge

If you prefer the independence of an apartment, the Apartment by WOT Ericeira Lodge is an excellent choice. This accommodation offers all the comforts of home, allowing you to enjoy a personalized and comfortable stay in Ericeira, with your pet always close by.

WOT sintra ocean - Hotel

Located near the charming Praia das Maçãs in Sintra, WOT Sintra Ocean combines the natural beauty of the region with the comfort of a cozy hotel. Stroll through stunning beaches and discover the rich history and culture of Sintra, knowing your pet is enjoying it as much as you are.

WOT sintra sarrazola - Lodging Establishment

Another gem in Sintra, WOT Sintra Sarrazola offers a tranquil and serene environment, perfect for a relaxing getaway. Explore the palaces and lush gardens of the region, and return to accommodations where your pet is treated like family.

WOT lisbon nomad - Hostel

For city lovers, WOT Lisbon Nomad is the ideal choice. Located in the heart of Lisbon, this hostel offers a vibrant urban experience. Explore historic streets, savor local cuisine, and enjoy the bustling nightlife, all with your furry companion by your side.

WOT lagos montemar - Hotel

In sunny Algarve, WOT Lagos Montemar offers a perfect combination of stunning beaches and rich culture. Discover the beautiful beaches of Lagos, visit caves and cliffs, and enjoy the laid-back atmosphere of southern Portugal, always in the company of your pet.

Why Choose WOTELS?

At WOTELS, we believe that travel should be an inclusive and complete experience for the whole family, including your furry friends. Each of our pet-friendly properties has been carefully selected to ensure that both you and your pet enjoy a comfortable, safe, and memorable stay. With prime locations in some of the most beautiful regions of Portugal, WOTELS is the perfect choice for your next pet-friendly adventure.

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